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Will blockchain make things better in Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh is politically, geographically and demographically a very significant state for India. This state has been a focus point for every government and there has been a lot of development work now being done here. UP is already known for its manufacturing industries and government is now trying to uplift the usage of technology here.

Can blockchain make a difference in UP?

This makes blockchain a must-have for this state as it is slowly making technology an integral part for development. Blockchain technology will tremendously help this state of India as it is most populous of the other states. Uttar Pradesh is also the second largest economy of country and like many other states of India, its mainstay is also agriculture.

Apart from agriculture and industries, this state also hosts the largest domestic footfall of tourists. It has India’s most valuable monument which is Taj Mahal which is one of the World Heritage Sites hosted by the state alongwith Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. This state also has Allahabad and Varanasi which becomes a nationwide congregation of Hindus at the time Kumbh Mela.

Eradicating all the corrupt practices

Because of these different promoters of economy, it becomes crucial to induct a technology that can make revenue generated by state reach its right place. Needless to say, corruption is major detractor for development in many states of India. Uttar Pradesh, being the most populous state has been a victim of corruption and caste-based politics.

It is now the time to rejig the working of the government and private sector both in this state. Blockchain is the best solution which can put the development right on its track with a decentralized approach. It can render the mechanism of government proceeding transparent so the detriments like bribery, red-tapism and nepotism could be sidetracked, giving way to unbiased progress.

Decentralization is development

Uttar Pradesh has been rather infamous for scams and mischievous conducts by its politicians, bureaucrats and even civilians. By using blockchain technology, law and order could be established in a way that cannot be done otherwise. The centralized governance has caused enough harm to innocent laymen of this state and the whole country for that matter.

Blockchain will set it right by bringing decentralization which would snatch the power from the hands of autocrats. This technology can bring the dream of utopia or “Ramraj” as it is termed in Hindi. Thankfully, young entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh have realized this and have started working towards blockchain development in UP. It is an essential lookout for those who want this “state” to be in a better state.

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