how to write a perfect whitepaper for ICO

How to Write a Perfect Whitepaper for ICO

ICOs are emerging with a lightning fast speed in the market. It has proved to be an effective fundraiser for many startup projects. According to market standards and ICO guidelines, creation of “white paper” is a necessity. In order to create a whitepaper, all the teams involved in the project need to provide their respective task’s description. A whitepaper writer’s job is to collect all the details and present it in a constructive and convincing manner. The poise of details with comprehension makes it understandable for larger amount of people. In this article, we will share how to write a perfect whitepaper for ICO.


Whitepaper is a document which explains and determines the modus operandi of a project or ICO. It contains all the details of system architecture, target audience, market analysis, requirements for the issue and use of tokens. Alongwith these details, it also provides a list of team members, investors and consultants. It presents a full length blueprint of the business with infographics and illustrations if required. It lays a foundation of project and helps in gauging the output to be generated with resources employed.

How whitepaper attributes to the success of ICO project?

A proper layout of the business strategies in whitepaper helps a successful execution of an ICO. Without due information on technology and team members, no investor would be willing to risk their money into your project. We are going to impart some tips on creating a high-quality white paper, please go through them before heading to your own project.

How to prepare a Whitepaper

There are examples of good and bad whitepapers, some have too much technical description and lack a generic appeal whereas some only brag about their products in an exaggerated manner without any technical description of it. Finding an equilibrium between core details and applaud of product is a professional whitepaper writers’ job. Let’s go through some points you need to assimilate while making a whitepaper.

  1. Explain the existing roadblocks.
  2. Also mention the solutions and plans for their implementation.
  3. Token commercialization, merchandise and technical provisions must be mentioned in details.
  4. Team and board information.
  5. Tokens distribution and their disposition.

Having considered all these points, remember that a well crafted whitepaper can’t really uphold a bad product, if your product is finely structured and inclined to yield profits, then only an agreeable whitepaper would add more value to it. You can view whitepapers of some successful projects and adapt the good points, but be careful not to copy the whole style as your project may vary from the other whose whitepaper you’re referring to. Your whitepaper should portray your project in the pattern and style it fits in.

You can emulate the style if that suits your project but don’t do it for the sake of likeness to the whitepaper. The mere copy of another whitepaper could also make yours a bad example of adaptation and can consequently affect your project. You can either follow the regular pattern of describing the project sequentially in points or you can also prepare a “research article” based whitepaper. Recently “Filecoin” prepared its whitepaper in a research article theme and got huge success in their ICO.

Last but not the least, you should prepare the whitepaper keeping your target audience in mind. If your audience is finance savvies, then incorporate all the technical details in terms of finance and investment. All in all, it is a comprehensive writing which encompasses all the facets of business and conveys it to the right audience in a convincing manner.

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