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ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is more than just a strategy to raise funds and has become a subject of contemplation among economists and investors. The way it has swept the market proves that it is the most potential instrument for establishing a business. Year 2017 registered more than 700 ICOs and they collectively raised more than 4 billion dollars.

This year is expected to be more fruitful as more people are joining the marathon as an entrepreneur or investor. The reason for the success for ICOs is attributed to many factors which collectively produced benefits not just for startups, but to a large number of service providers and investors.

As more people join the motion, competition is growing higher and the demand for skilled ICO developers who could build a strong propaganda and influence the prospective investors is high.  Currently, there are swathes of ICO marketers and developers who want to make the most out of the progressive phase of this instrument.

And this greed leads to some imperfect marketing moves which sometimes ruin the crux of the project. Even if the stats are impressive, a large number of ICO projects have failed to generate capital despite being full of merits. This recent downfall has compelled many entrepreneurs to think wisely before choosing an ICO developer.

ICO development services is a broad term which encapsulates many things, it involves developing a website which could work as a “first impression” on investors’ mind and goes on to whitepaper drafting and marketing of the project. Even a minor inadequacy in any of these elements could negatively impact your project.

Developing and marketing an ICO is a job that requires immense knowledge and shrewdness, it takes innovation and a hard line approach both at the same time. A professional ICO developer undertakes the project from its incipient phase and doesn’t finish it unless it is a sure success upon its launch.

There are various stratagems and methods one has to deploy to make an ICO successful. To understand it better, you may compare it with making a film. Just like a film is first written, shot and then marketed sequentially, an ICO project has to be prepared for a perfect presentation through a well-drafted whitepaper and a website, both of them should manifest the advantages of the project in the best way possible. They may contain a montage of different works such as videos or infographics, but they have to be perfectly orchestrated and convey what your project is meant to be.

Once the development phase is over, marketing takes place which is equally tricking and takes a broad-minded approach to reach a wider audience. Digital marketing has provided ample of options which one can employ, however using them deftly is still upto the marketer.

The ICO campaigns utilize a large number of communities and platforms which are sometimes discussion based and prove to be very helpful if your project is indeed good. Similarly, it can also lay a bad impact if it is flawed. Apart from communities, there are many other mediums that are widely used such as social media, email marketing, display campaigns and bounty programs which have proved to be highly conducive in an ICO success.

Coin Developer is an ICO development company which has delivered many successful projects in 2017 and 2018 so far. Our success mantra is a research based campaign building and utilizing every single media for promulgating the project. We employ reliable and far-reaching methods which are tried & tested on many scales. ICO development is not a mere business but an art to us and we believe in developing our skills with every new project.


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