Top 10 blockchain development companies in Dubai

Blockchain is ubiquitous now, its reach was already global and now it is making inroads into the smallest businesses scattered across the globe. In such a scenario, it is obvious that major cities will be the first to access this technology through various services. Dubai is the largest and most visited city of United Arab Emirates, it is also one of the most expensive and attractive cities in the world.

blockchainIt won’t be surprising to see blockchain working in different industries in Dubai. This city hosts one of the largest markets for retail, real estate, tourism, supply chain and e-commerce. Adaptation of blockchain has already begun in Dubai through various projects that are being introduced in supply chain and other domains.

All these different domains have given a major boost to blockchain development in Dubai. Not only entrepreneurs but also developers are rising in this city to support the rising blockchain development. While there are new startups rising, many blockchain development companies are already active in Dubai and providing great services.

Here are the top 10 blockchain development companies in Dubai, UAE:

1. Technoloader (

Technoloader has simply excelled all the levels of service. This company has proved that knowledge knows no boundaries. Based in India, this company has provided excellent services everywhere around the world. It is a blockchain development company that offers many more services. From website and mobile app development, it goes all the way to ERP, CRM, supply chain, IOT, POC and customized blockchain development.

This company has delivered a great number of successful projects. It has become an example for many aspiring developers who want to make their name in IT industry. Technoloader follows a strategic execution of plans which gives them an edge over every sphere. This approach has helped them in weeding out all the challenges and yielding the favorite results.

They have delivered every project with absolutely no flaws anywhere. Due to this, their reach has been extended to several offshore companies. Their work has produced significant results for every business whether it is big or small. Because of them, many startups have been able establish them as an independent firm, all those companies attribute their success to Technoloader.

Technoloader has served each and every company with staunch performance and dedication. They have never let any complaint arise from their clients, because of their impeccable services, their clients do not go anywhere else even for minor assistance. The services that this company provides are a benchmark for any other technology service provider.

Skype : technoloader | Email ID : [email protected] | Contact : +917014607737

2. Coin Developer India 

Another company which sets the expectations very high for any other service provider. Their services have been a yardstick for many other blockchain development companies. They have simply delivered extraordinary products and services every time. All their clients are more than satisfied to have such a brilliant service provider that exceeded all their expectations.

There are various other services providers that provides the same services but noone matches the level of Coin Developer. Their out of the box thinking and pragmatic approach has given each of their projects an edge. This can be seen in each of their projects, be it a website, smart contract, ICO, blockchain, hyperledger or token development.

Coin Developer India has delivered only quality products and services, apart from this, they have delivered nothing else. Their name is enough to raise the stakes in your business, they have delivered every project with diligence and intellect. This company has given an award-winning performance in every field they serve. Their services are simply astonishing.

They are a team of engineers, developers, designers, marketers and technicians who care of everything you can think of. Their services are exemplary for their clients and for everyone else. Without Coin Developer, many companies would have been vanished into thin air. Because of Coin Developer, many startups are now flourishing and many more are making their way.

Email ID : [email protected] | Contact : +918278656675

3. Accubits 

Accubits has done an extremely wonderful job in services regarding artificial intelligence, blockchain and enterprise solutions. They are focused on exploring technology and always deliver the best with a proficient and diligent approach.

4. Royex Technologies 

Royex Technologies deliver fantastic services in website & mobile app development, e-commerce development, blockchain & cryptocurrency development, SEO & digital marketing services. Their services have helped many startups to set their foot in fastest-emerging markets.

5. Accelerate 

Accelerate has combined blockchain solutions, ICO & token development and bitcoin exchange services to create a best experience. They have acquired a great team of engineers, developers, designers and marketers with which they have been serving their clients efficiently.

6. Incubasys 

This company specializes in customized blockchain-based software development. The Incubasys team has mastered the development of public blockchain, private blockchain for enterprises such insurance. They are also active in Internet of things and real estate.

7. BlockGemini 

BlockGemini hosts a great variety of services. They start with the basic services coin development and go as far as website development. The provide solutions to various industries such as global trade, fintech, governance, digital media, smart city and artificial intelligence.

8. Leewayhertz 

Leewayhertz has been active for last 10 years and they have been providing brilliant services to startups, enterprises to millions of users. This company takes services to a whole new level, they serve their customers with blockchain, artificial intelligence, custom software and IOT.

9. provides the most basic services based on blockchain including smart contract development, ICO marketing services and cryptocurrency exchange development. Their services have been exemplary for many reasons which involve timely delivery and affordable price.

10. HyperChain

HyperChain provide excellent services to entrepreneurs, cryptographers, ICO consultants, social media & marketing experts and global leaders from finance and business. Their services have been recognized quintessential and highly productive.